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The product is manufactured with Stainless Steel 304 grade sheet and also with stainless steel 202 grade sheet. It also has a temperature gauge, 12 V DC fan and an adapter.
Machine has two parts
1.      Container to burn the pellet
2.      Alfaham Box
How to use:-
Join the Alfaham box with the container and fix the 12 V DC fan to the socket given on the container and plug its adapter . Then put the pellet to the container till the mark shown inside the container and light it which is only for one time use .When it’s fired up close the top of the container with the given container top.
When fire from the container starts to enter inside the alfaham box arrange the marinated chicken on the mesh then the box. Keep the box closed until the temperature meter shows 210 0 C open it and turn the chicken then close it for 10 minutes and the Alfaham is ready. This machine only needs 35 minutes to prepare an alfaham.