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This is an eco-friendly machine .This can be used for domestic as well as industrial purposes. This is manufactured by stainless steel 304 grade material. Because of mechanical issues some of the parts of this machine manufactured by stainless steel 202 grade materials. As this machine is made with stainless steel there will not be any maintenance needed in the future so it provides a long life.

This machine can be used in apartments, villas as well as populated areas where there is not much land to dump the organic waste. We provide bacteria to decompose the organic waste. This machine can be placed in kitchen or work area.


This machine has two compartments. First fill one of the compartments for twenty one days and should add one table spoon of the bacteria which we provide on the first day of waste disposal. And it no longer needed to be added until you restart the process.  Each day whenever you dump the waste into the machine rotate it with the handles provided with the machine you don’t have to rotate it more than two times. Lock the compartment in which you have disposed the waste for the last twenty one days. Then you can start the same process in the next compartment after disposing the wastes in the second compartment for the next 21 days lock that compartment too then you can open the first compartment which has been locked for the past 21 days the residue will be a dark green powder like substances. This can be used as fertilizers for the plants.

Please note that do not dispose plastic as well as lemon in this machine.